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In an effort to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions, many manufacturers of hot water boilers are now building incredibly efficient systems. Fifty years ago, boilers were very inefficient with many only managing to convert 50% of their fuel into usable heat. Today’s boilers can now boast efficiencies of 95% and higher, however, many homeowners are asking if these highly efficient boilers are really a good investment.

Why upgrade?

Changing your heating system is a huge cost and an upheaval too, so it is important that you make the correct decision. The time to upgrade is when your current boiler and hot water tank start to become unreliable, and annual services and repairs become more costly.

Many older systems consist of an oil-fired boiler and a hot water cylinder with an immersion heater. Together, these make an inefficient system. Electricity is an expensive way to heat water, and having two systems, which are likely to be poorly insulated if old, can result in a lot of wasted energy.

A 95% efficient hot water boiler system will consist of a single unit that replaces the current boiler and cylinder. As well as the cost of purchasing and installing a new system, you should also consider the cost of the long-term maintenance. With oil prices still very high, however, even with the recent drop taken into account, a more efficient system will save you money, especially in New Jersey where the winters are harsh.

Here are a few more things to take into consideration before upgrading.

Estimate your fuel savings

Calculate the estimated fuel cost savings based on rated consumption of the new system and compare this to what you are currently paying for your hot water. You can get help with estimating costs from the Department of Energy or Energy Star websites. You will also need to take into account electricity costs in your region.

Is it compatible?

Some modern hydronic boilers, which use a pump to circulate the heated fluids, are not competitive with larger, gravity heating systems. There is a significant cost in replacing the entire system.

Can you install it?

Modern hot water boilers use a short PVC exhaust pipe that must go straight outside the house, rather than a stack flue. If your current boiler is located far from an outside wall, you may have to relocate the entire system and this is another additional cost.

How long will you own it for?

High efficiency boilers can take over 15 years to pay for themselves in terms of reduced fuel bills and they do not add a significant value to a home. If you think that you might move out of your home in the next ten years, you will probably be better off keeping your current system.

Because of the cost of installing high efficiency systems, it is generally only recommended to do so if your old heating system becomes very unreliable or breaks down completely.

In areas where winter can be very cold, however, such as in New Jersey, it can certainly pay to install a highly efficient system.

What to install?

The government’s Energy Star website lists the most efficient hot water boilers of 2015, so we shall use this list to inform you of some of the best options on the market today.

The Bosch Greenstar series are very compact and quiet boilers. They use fuel-efficient condensing technology and have an AFUE rating of 95%.

The Bradford White Brute Elite Series are also 95% AFUE and include wall-mounted options. These only require a single gas connection and a single vent system.

If you wish to push the limits of efficiency, the Energy Kinetics Accel CS™ Series boasts 96% AFUE, thanks to its unique low idle loss integrated heat and hot water design. These can also be mounted on the floor or wall.

Installing any of these boilers, or similar models with comparative AFUE ratings, will help to reduce your monthly fuel bills. If you are considering overhauling an old heating system or planning a new build, these are certainly the best types of hot water boiler to install.

For more information on the types of hot water boilers that are suited to your needs, call RupCoe today and we will be happy to guide you through the options.

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