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Spring is here and summer is on the horizon so it is a great time to look at installing a new air conditioning system in your home. When choosing a new system, it is important to focus on features such as design, size and efficiency. There are numerous systems available but you need a unit that is tailored to your home and requirements.

Air conditioning units are used by 87% of the US population, according to recent figures, so it is likely that you will be upgrading your system. New systems are up to 40% more energy efficient than the models made a decade ago so there are obvious benefits to replacing an old central-air system. There are factors to consider when choosing a new system such as whether you have added more rooms to your home and if you are aiming to replace the whole system or individual components. For example, if you only replace the condenser then it is likely that your new system will be much less efficient than advertised. We recommend installing a completely new system to get the most benefits.
A study by found that the Dave Lennox Collection central AC unit was the most efficient system and had the best design. It scored 9.75 overall, placing it ahead of the Frigidaire iQ Drive, American Standard Platinum ZV and Carrier Infinity Series models, which all scored an overall rating of more than 8. The report found that these units helped to lower energy bills while meeting a vast number of efficiency and comfort features such as smartphone compatibility, noise-reducing fan blades and humidity control.
Cheap central air conditioning units are available but the money saved by opting for a lesser known brand can cost you in wasted energy over a number of years. When choosing a unit, you should first look for one with a high SEER efficiency rating. Older models can have a rating of just 5 while newer units can score in the twenties and above. Choosing a system that has Department of Energy approval via an Energy Star certification is the best place to start. All units are rated by their seasonal energy efficiency ratio so select the best according to your budget and requirements.

Comfort is also a major factor you should consider. A quiet system is preferable; as it will not annoy the neighbors, so try to opt for a unit with well-designed fan blades and variable settings for power and noise. Most of the best units on the market have a sound rating of lower than 60 decibels. Design is important due to landscape and space concerns. Ideally, the unit should be reasonably compact and be easy to maintain through easily accessible coils, filters and other components.

Selecting an HVAC system from a reputable company is also beneficial as you will receive higher customer service levels. You want to able to able to contact the manufacturer across multiple platforms and get clear, free and helpful information online.

The Internet of Things has changed how users can interact with the air conditioning system in their home. There are now smartphone apps for a variety of air conditioning units that can build bespoke ‘smart schedules’ just for you. These will turn your unit on and off at the right time during the day and night depending on your usage. Other smart features can turn on the air con when you are away from home and save you money by predicting future electricity costs.

There are numerous air conditioning products on the market that offer this interactive experience. Samsung’s units have Smart Wi-Fi technology that allows users to control their systems when at work or while on vacation. The ‘Out of Home’ feature provides homeowners with a variety of settings for their air conditioning via mobile devices when connected to a 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi network. Samsung’s D’Light Cool Mode also measures humidity levels, which is great for most Americans during hot summers. This function can make the system dehumidify rooms to make living conditions even more comfortable.

Hiring a contractor or the services of a qualified technician is recommended for all air conditioning installations. According to research by, almost one fifth of new central systems failed after being installed by new-home builders without specialist knowledge and experience. In contrast, a mere 12% of homeowners had problems when hiring a trained technician. The gap is even more pronounced for heat-pump units where almost a third failed when installed by a builder. If you want help with your installation, contact RupCoe today.
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