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Avoiding Another Bathroom Disaster


We’re going to paint you a picture that we’ve all unfortunately encountered. You are out celebrating a fun holiday or maybe just enjoying life in general. St. Patrick’s Day would be an excellent recent example. You are having a good time, relaxing with friends or meeting new people.

Nature calls, as it eventually does for all of us, and you make your way to the restroom. Upon opening the door, you realize you are walking into a disaster zone. Look, we all know what goes on in the bathroom but we don’t need to see it at all times.

You can’t tell if the person before you was drunk, blindfolded or both but you now have to just survive this bathroom visit. It can certainly take away from the good time you’ve been having. No one should have to deal with this and these tips can help you know the right toilet etiquette to hopefully avoid a plumbing disaster.

Sometimes, A Single Flush Isn’t Enough

toiletcleaningIt is literally one of the only things you have to remember to do on a toilet but it can be shocking how often we run into a bathroom, only to find an unflushed toilet.

However, sometimes, even when you flush, it doesn’t quite get the job done. Don’t just flush and flee, make sure to actually look behind and make sure that everything actually looks clean.

Sometimes a little bit of extra toilet paper can go a long way to ensure you aren’t the one leaving a catastrophe behind for the next user.

A Flush Doesn’t Get Rid of Everything

disposingOdds are, as children, we tried to flush something that doesn’t belong down the toilet. The fascination of watching something disappear simply was too tempting to pass up.

As we quickly learned, a toilet doesn’t actually make much other than toilet paper and the obvious go away. However, as adults, we sometimes feel the need to put other things, particularly hygiene products in the toilet.

Not only can this leave a mess for the next person but these clogs can cause damage bad enough to require repiping. To avoid repiping, make sure only the right things make their way into the bowl.

Manage Plumbing Emergencies

plumbingemergencyAfter a few drinks (maybe a couple pints of Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day?), it can be easy to start ignoring the signals your body sends you.

All of a sudden, you realize that you may be facing a “plumbing emergency” of your own. Even in the face of urgency, make sure you take a deep breath and steady yourself to keep your aim.

After all, if you don’t you can leave a bathroom that looks like you hit everything but the toilet itself. All joking aside, occasionally real plumbing emergencies, like a massive clog, do happen and that’s where we, RupCoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning want to help.

If you need assistance, simply call one of our experts at (908) 226-1616 and we’ll be happy to help. But if you need help to #keepyouraim, sorry to say that you’ll be on your own!