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If your bathroom is over ten years old it is almost certainly time for a refurbishment. Old bathrooms tend to develop problems as they age, as the seals around pipes and basins and baths start to wear down. Tiles and grouting can look dated and showers may lose power. Glass screens often accumulate dirt and grime in areas that are impossible to clean properly. A bathroom refurbishment is never disappointing and with the latest and most stylish units installed, you can create a bathroom of which to be proud.

Bathroom renovations are one of the most common home improvements carried out each year in America. Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are one of the most used rooms in the house, so it is no surprise that they will need a full makeover at least once a decade.

Small bathroom improvements

If you do not wish to tackle the whole job at once, you can make small changes over the course of a few months, or longer, until the whole job is done. The advantage of this approach is that you can spread the cost over a longer period and take your time to source the best value materials. The drawback, however, is that it will never be as good as a complete refurbishment. Let us first look at some small changes you can make to improve your bathroom.

New grouting

The simplest way to renew your bathroom is to re-grout the tiles and give the old tiles a good scrub to shine them up. This is a cheap and easy process that you can do yourself. Just be careful when removing the old grout not to chip the tiles.

New tiles

For a completely fresh look, you should remove the old tiles and re-tile the bathroom. Take care when removing the tiles not to damage the wall, as sometimes tiles are stuck direct onto plasterboard and this can cause damage to the board when they are removed. It is important to replace any damaged plasterboard with a good quality waterproof board. Although the tiles should provide a watertight cover, some water will inevitably get in over time.

Add light to your bathroom

If your bathroom is on the dark side, maybe you only have a small window, improving the lighting can make a big difference, especially when combined with a refit. An illuminated shower cubicle and a lampshade overhanging a bath can add warmth and depth to a bathroom. All too often bathroom lighting is very bland, with a single fluorescent lamp. This may be bright, but it does not create a very inviting room.

Update your taps

A relatively inexpensive way to revitalize your bathroom is to update all the fittings. New taps in the basin, bath and shower will quickly improve the function and add style.

Resurfacing your bath and basins

If you still like the style of your bathroom, you should consider getting your bath and basin resurfaced. Resurfacing is much cheaper than buying a new bathroom. Baths and basins are usually coated in enamel and this wears down over time. A fresh new coat of enamel costs around a quarter of a replacement. The work can be completed on site in one day.

Towel rails and radiators

A stylish heated towel rail provides added warmth to a bathroom and ensures that your towels are always dry and fresh each morning. Making a simple, small change such as a heated towel rail can give a completely new style to your bathroom space.

New bathroom suite

Sometimes, however, it really is best to update a bathroom. The best way to modernize your bathroom is with a new bathroom suite. A new bath, shower, basin, toilet and vanity cupboards, along with fresh tiles on the walls and floor, will add value to your home and also provide you with a little luxury.

A total refurbishment will be significantly better than making a few changes. Your bathroom will be completely gutted and new flooring, tikes, lighting and units added. At this stage, all parts of the plumbing can be checked. Copper pipes will last for many decades, but if you have plastic fittings these should be replaced during a refurbishment.

If your electrics are old, they can also be updated. This is especially important if you wish to add some ambient lighting to your room.

Whatever you chose to do, it is always wise to first get a professional opinion of what you can achieve in your bathroom for your budget. Expert bathroom fitters will have design ideas that you have not considered, and will take into account the location and type of your plumbing, waste and electrics when planning a new bathroom.

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