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To many people, the bathroom is not just a place to get clean, but also a sanctuary. It’s a safe place where we can relax and let all of our worries wash away, which sometimes allows our minds to think up bright, new ideas. Such an important space deserves attention, care, and the occasional updating. Updating your bathroom, like any remodeling job, is a big decision, and requires some planning. This blog post outlines some of the things you should consider before starting your upgrade. Even if you are forced to remodel due to mold or other problems, it is not too late to take some of the points raised here into consideration, to help you regain some control over what probably seems like a big, unwieldy project.

Know your limits

The main advice to anyone remodeling his or her bathroom is to figure out the budget constraints. The amount of money available is dependent, among other things, on how much room you have in your bathroom and how much work it needs. If you are forced to remodel due to mildew or other lack of ventilation problems, it might be worth it to strip the floor completely and put in some new ventilation, to avoid having to remodel again soon. If you are merely updating, it is a good idea to estimate the space your fixtures normally take up, by looking up the dimensions of a regular toilet, bath and sink and seeing how much room that leaves you to play with. To save some money, you should also take into account where the pipes and electricity are located, and use that in deciding where to place things. It can be very expensive and (if not done properly) quite ugly to have to move a structural pipe from one side of the room to another.

Floor options

If you do decide to take out the whole floor, either because it’s moldy or simply outdated, you can take advantage of the opportunity by putting in electric floor heating. While this costs a bit more than regular flooring, your feet will thank you. Floor heating works best with tiles made out of ceramic or stone. If you would like warmer floors without heating them, you could try wood flooring combined with several layers of polyurethane based sealer, so that the high levels of moisture in the room don’t affect it. Just make sure to raise the toilet to match your new floor, which is easily done with the right flange. Regardless of what flooring you use, it is advised to measure the sizes precisely, because the wrong size tile for your bathroom can make the floor laying a lot more time and money consuming.

Size matters

Regardless of how large your bathroom is, there are certain relative sizes that need to be taken into account. I cannot tell you how many bathrooms or toilets I’ve visited where the sink and faucet were both perfectly lovely, but made washing my hands unnecessarily awkward. If your faucet is much smaller than the sink, the water might barely reach the sink. If the reverse happens, you are likely to be splashed a lot, disrupting your moment of peace completely. If you have a small bathroom, you might think it’s too small for a bath, but there are some excellent baths available that are a bit smaller, yet still very comfortable. The best way to find out if you’d enjoy a smaller bath is to try to sit back and relax in a showroom model.

Strength matters

The most technical aspect of any bathroom (for the user) might be the water pressure. This plays a role not only in a nice shower experience, but also in your ability to not splash yourself with water every time you open a tap, and to successfully flush your toilet. Of course, nobody really likes to think about toilets. There’s a reason they’re generally placed somewhere they won’t be visible through the doorway. And yet, we would all like them to work when we need them. So while it might be tempting to go for the cheapest nice-looking option, it is worth taking the strength of flow into account. If you are looking for the most powerful flush using the least amount of water (which is good for the environment and your pocket), I would recommend a high-efficiency toilet. If you are looking for the strongest flush, there are even power-assisted toilets.


When it comes down to it, hiring a well-qualified professional may make most of the advice offered here obsolete. However, even the best professional doesn’t know exactly what you have in mind. Figure out what it is you are looking for, and they will do their very best to make it happen, and make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

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