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An expertly remodeled master bathroom is desired by many homeowners across the United States but such a project requires careful planning, smart decision-making and skilled professionals to complete. The bathroom is a tricky living space to get right due to its tight footprint, variety of fixtures and fittings and plumbing requirements. You will need to select the most suitable toilet and sink, countertop, bath and shower, so begin the process by outlining your budget.

Budget and seek expert advice

Poor planning and amateur workmanship can be disastrous for living spaces so take your time when making any decisions. Doing things twice is obviously twice as expensive so try and spend a few weeks at the planning stage. You may want to opt for a plan that keeps the major plumbing lines in the same place, as, for example, moving a toilet from one corner of the room to another can be extremely expensive because it will require the relocation of your drain line. Don’t worry though; RupCoe has a team of trained plumbers and remodeling experts so we can accommodate any of your desires.

You will need skilled labor to make your dream bathroom a reality. This can be the difference between completing a good bathroom and creating the ultimate living space. Cutting costs here and focusing on a do-it-yourself approach may mean your remodeling work grinds to a halt before it even gets started. Sourcing highly skilled workers will ensure any complicated installations are handled efficiently and correctly. You should also consider using professionals for tasks such as painting and setting tiles as shoddy work here can leave your bathroom looking cheap. RupCoe can help you with all the phases of your remodeling job and any other plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs.

Hidden water damage is a problem that blights many bathrooms so contact an experienced technician to complete exploratory work to try and root out any problems before you begin. We suggest setting a budget and then increasing it by 10 or 15 per cent to account for the “unexpected”. If everything runs smoothly then you will have an additional windfall when the job is completed. RupCoe’s technicians can ensure your plans are safe and practical to implement and will find any pitfalls such as vent stacks or other objects that may prevent you from knocking down walls.

Designing the perfect bathroom

There are a number of factors you should consider when remodeling a bathroom, such as water efficiency, ventilation and light, materials and storage. Selecting appropriate surfaces is an ideal place to start so choose materials that contribute to the overall aesthetic while being practical. Porcelain tiles are popular for use on walls and floors and they are relatively cheap. We recommend larger tile sizes as these will be easier to clean and maintain due to there being fewer grout lines. Porcelain can also be used for sinks but they can be prone to chipping so you may want to opt for enamel-on-steel or stainless steel if you would rather prioritize durability and stain resistance.

Modern countertops should be visually interesting; both quartz and granite are pleasing on the eye and provide impressive durability. Other cheaper options include solid surface and laminate but both can scratch easily. It is also important to think about storage spaces, recesses and cabinets when designing your bathroom.

Ventilation and light

Mold could ruin the look of your dream bathroom so be pro-active during planning and select a suitable bathroom fan to fight against it. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends a ducted system that moves 50 cubic feet of air per minute, but ventilation should be increased for larger spaces and for bathrooms with a steam shower installed. You may also want to install a humidity-sensing unit that will react to the levels of moisture in the air.

Lighting can be difficult to get right so try to aim for several different levels of illumination rather than choosing a single source. A ceiling fixture is preferable but it won’t suffice on its own so install other vertical fixtures for a better lighting solution. Both the toilet and shower should also have a task light, while dimmer switches are recommended to adjust lighting depending on the task and mood.

Water efficiency

Bathroom fixtures have become more water-efficient during recent years but your plumbing lines and existing drains may not be able to cope if you are set on installing “shower towers” that include body sprays and multiple shower heads. RupCoe’s technicians can resize your water lines to accommodate for this while upgrading your water heater to supplement thirsty fixtures.

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