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A lot of home owners underestimate the importance of a flood stop valve until the day after they go on vacation. This is usually when things like your home flooding will happen, because Murphy’s Law is designed that way. But that doesn’t mean that you can never leave your home unattended ever again, you just need to be prepared.
The Boy Scouts are all too familiar with this motto and it makes sense that we carry it over into our daily lives.

The water heater in your home comes equipped with an aluminium tray, designed to catch any water that may leak because of the built up pressure. This might seem like it’s more than enough to keep your home warm and dry, but the reality is that leaking might not stop at a few drops. This is where having a flood stop valve installed will save your finishes and keep your blood pressure normal!

A Flood Stop Valve is a seemingly complex prevention mechanism that is installed onto the hot water heater in your home. It is an electronic device that triggers the shut off valve by using censors that detects when a simple leak has become a potential problem. This censor detects a rise in water levels and sends a signal to the valve, triggering it to shut down and cut the water off. Once the water pressure is cut off, it will trigger a vacuum and stop the leak. While there may be a few residual water drops leaking from the water heater after the flood stop valve cuts the water off, it will be by far more than the flood you could expect without this clever device.

In a nutshell, the Flood Stop Valve sends messages to your water heater to shut off the flow of water when a big leakage has been detected. So, it makes sense to add a Flood Stop Valve to your vacation pre-check list!

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