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Home kitchen grease traps do a number of essential things for your kitchen plumbing system.The grease trap prevents fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from clogging your drains and entering your septic system.

If too much FOG contaminates your septic system, bio hazardous material can build up in the septic tank drain field.

  • Grease traps perform an essential function. Cleaning them properly and regularly is also essential.
  • One of the top complaints from homeowners with kitchen grease traps is the offensive odors that the traps can produce.
  • The best way to combat odors from these traps is to use a beneficial bacteria treatment.
  • This treatment will digest the particles in the fats, oils, and greases that cause the odor.
  • The bacteria will also clean out drain lines and reduce grease build up.
  • This all benefits the system as a whole and will prevent clogs and expensive plumbing repairs.
  • Additionally, the beneficial bacteria treatment will also enter the septic tank and drain fields, digesting hazardous material and restoring the drain fields to a healthy condition.

Grease Trap Services for Your NJ Residence

Aside from the bacterial treatments, you will occasionally need to clean out your kitchen grease trap. You can do this yourself, or you can call a professional. If you attempt the task on your own, you’ll need to locate the grease trap, remove the cover, and then scoop the grease out into a bucket.

You can then clean the bucket out with paper towels and dispose of the grease. To help with the smell, you can pour ice over the grease trap first, which can help neutralize odors before you clean the trap.

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