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Why Your New Jersey Residence Needs a Hot Water Boiler System

img-Weil-McLain-gas-hot-water-boiler-piped-properly-by-RupCoeWhen it comes to heating your home, the one main concern for countless residents is that it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Making sure that your home is comfortably heated is something that every family values, and it sure doesn’t hurt that there are cost effective options on the market.

One such option is a hot water boiler system. Many homes have existing, outdated boilers installed. But the old design and power output means that it is costing a lot of money to maintain the upkeep of these units. Thousands of homeowners have opted to upgrade their existing systems for a newer, more efficient model that can actually save you money.

But the question that everyone wants answered is what makes these units so superior to their predecessors? It’s simple, they’re designed to be efficient and cost effective! In addition to now being an impressive 96% more efficient than older models, newer systems have a host of benefits and features that home owner’s love.

Let’s take a look at a few of these improvements that the newer models now flaunt:
• These have long been considered a go-to in effective heating, but that often meant having bulky units taking up space in your home. The newer models have been streamlined to be able to hang on the wall, rather than taking up a chunk of your basement.
• So many people are familiar with the creepy sound of creaking pipes warming up the home, but that has changed! The newer designs are now more quiet, meaning that any creaking noises you hear now are probably signs of a haunted house!
• If having a streamlined, quiet unit isn’t motivation enough to warm your home, then perhaps we can tempt you with the money saving aspects of it. That’s right, the newer units are not only efficient, quiet and compact, but they are cost effective as well. Saving you money while heating up your home.
• An extra benefit to consider when deciding on which home heating system you should install is functionality. Traditional Dry Radiator units are effective, but they also dry out the air in the home. This is where having a new boiler system pays off! Making use of water to heat your home means that there is no risk of the air around you drying out – which is great news if you aren’t a fan of stuffy noses.

So there you have it in a nut shell. Just a few of the impressive reasons why you should consider an upgrade of your Hot Water Boiler System before the cold months hit!


BEFORE: Weil McLain Boiler & GE Hot Water Heater


AFTER: Slant Fin Boiler & Bradford White Hot Water Heater with Amtrol Expansion Tank

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