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Keep Comfortable in Any Season With Central HVAC


Beautiful wine, gorgeous date, flickering candles, tasteful music, delicious food... your date is gently dabbing at the sweat on her forehead. Is it your animal magnetism, raw desire, pure animal attraction, or the fact that the temperature of your house feels like the surface of Mars, only hotter?

Or, is it the fact that due to nervousness, you’ve had several glasses of Pinot Grigio and the room appears to be spinning? At this rate, you’re going to wind up spending Valentine’s Day alone. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to call RupCoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning - we can keep the temperatures right where you want them!

Central HVAC: Hot & Cold

centralhvacNew Jersey can be all over the place. Freezing today...warm next week...who knows what to expect.

The only thing that you can count on is that you will need your Central HVAC system working in impeccable condition at all times in order to live comfortably here.

You’ve got to make sure your heating system is ready to go when it’s freezing, and your AC has to be all set to cool things off when the temperature decides to skyrocket. The weather is unpredictable as can be, and you have to be prepared.

How? Make sure that your Central HVAC system has been inspected by a technician and all necessary maintenance and repairs have been done. That’s your best defence against unpredictable weather.

Heating Services: Not Nice

heatingservicesI hate to break it to you, but your heating system doesn’t care about you. Your heat has no problem completely dying on a special occasion. Christmas? New Year’s? Valentine’s Day? Do you want heat? You are so demanding!

Or, in the alternative, on the most swelteringly hot day of August, your AC decides it wants to retire. Nice. Really nice. Well, don’t give up without a fight.

Your heating and cooling system may not care about you, but you’ve got a powerful ally. Call an HVAC tech from RupCoe and he or she will show your heating and cooling system what’s what. No more messing around with your heart. Or your thermostat.

Your AC Filter is Broken-Hearted

acfilterYour AC Filter needs love. Do you ever look at it? Pay attention to it? See how it’s doing? The odds are, the answer is no, and that’s just wrong. Your AC filter performs an important function.

It keeps the air that circulates throughout your house clean, filtered and purified. If you neglect to have your filter changed regularly, the air that travels throughout your home (and is regularly breathed in by the home’s inhabitants) is full of dust, dirt, allergens, grease, and all sorts of things that do not belong in your lungs, nor do they belong built up on your furniture.

How do you show your AC filter some love? And have it taken care of? Schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC technician who will routinely clean the AC vents and replace the filter, ensuring the cleanliness of the air that you breathe. See? Loving your AC filter isn’t that hard.

You can do just about anything on Valentine’s Day, with or without a date, and still have a good time. Whether you’re hanging out with your best friend, spending some time by yourself catching up on your favorite TV show, cuddling with your pets or teaching yourself how to knit, there’s no right or wrong way to spend the holiday.

Don’t let Hallmark tell you how to spend your evening. Fill your glass with your favorite wine, pick up the phone and call RupCoe Plumbing, Heating & Air to enjoy reliable temperatures with every service.