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Spring and summer are the best seasons in which to give your home a makeover to enjoy a fresh, new look in your favorite living spaces. However, kitchen remodeling is a huge undertaking that requires careful planning and the expert advice and workmanship of a trained professional. There are a few handy tips you should follow to ensure your dream kitchen becomes reality. Determining your financial budget, choosing the correct fixtures and searching for bargains can make the process easier and be less of a drain on your resources.

Financial planning

Begin by deciding on a budget for your kitchen remodeling project. This figure should obviously be within your financial means and you should always adhere to it. You can aid this process by developing a spending plan that will outline how much you have available to complete the job. Now you start shopping around for the products and supplies you need, making adjustments as you go so it dovetails with your budgetary requirements. You will probably decide to purchase the majority of your fixtures from one online outlet or store, but be sure to use mobile apps and websites to discover any coupons or discounts that can bring the cost down. The store where you choose to purchase your kitchen equipment will have the biggest impact on your ability to stick to your budget. For example, Ikea provides low cost and stylish living spaces, which are likely to be considerably cheaper than other premium outlets.

Expert technicians

You should only trust experienced professionals with the task of installing your new kitchen. The technicians at RupCoe are specialized in areas including plumbing, heating and remodeling bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Located in the heart of New Jersey, RupCoe Plumbing & Heating Co, Inc. has now been trading for over three decades from a 5000 square foot building. We can schedule a kitchen remodeling service for you with our trained technicians. They will deliver quality work at a time that is best suited to you.

Designer tips

Creating a comfortable and good-looking kitchen will probably be your first priority. To make the transition easier, it is best to keep your current layout, as moving gas lines and plumbing connections can make it very expensive. Don’t worry though, if you are set on an entirely new look and feel for your kitchen as RupCoe’s reputable plumbers can move gas lines and tailor any of your fixtures and fittings at a competitive rate.

Cabinets are central to the make-up of a kitchen so it is important that you save on costs by selecting a door style and finish as standard, without an up-charge from a manufacturer. You should also try to buy aftermarket utensil dividers, spice racks and other custom organizers from a website such as, rather than paying over the odds for similar but more expensive custom and factory-built organizers. Avoiding custom configurations will also help, so attempt to fill awkward spaces with a combination of appliance panels and stock organizers instead.

One decision that will not affect your budget is whether your cabinetry should feature rollout trays or drawers. Both of these have pros and cons and a choice should be made based on your comfort, how many items, and the type of items you are planning to store in them. Drawers are ideal for storing large cookware items and have better ergonomics, while rollout trays are better for small items and are adjustable and flexible.

Floor and sink types

Choosing the right floor for your new kitchen can be tricky. Hardwood is one of the most popular options as it is traditionally attractive and complements many styles, but it can dent and scratch and may need refinishing to regain its initial shine. Cork and linoleum can also be fitted to modern American kitchens. Porcelain is a great choice for the sink as it is durable and easy to clean, and the color, size and texture can be easily tailored to your tastes.

We recommend opting for a versatile sink with a single basin that is around 10 inches deep. A flat bottom sink is ideal as glasses and other objects will not tip over, while a drain placed near the back can prevent stacks of dishes from causing blockages.

Kitchen priorities

Not everyone can create their dream kitchen immediately and it can take several phases over many months to complete the job. Try to prioritize areas that are best suited for investment in the short term, such as establishing the layout and installing cabinets and countertops. New appliances and light fixtures can be added later if your current fixtures and fittings are working correctly.

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