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Get the Best Thermostat for Your Home This Summer

The Best Smart Thermostat Models for Your Home

Air conditioning has come under fire over the years for its environmental impact. First, air conditioning was largely blamed for damage to the ozone layer due to releasing refrigerants. After refrigerants became better and more tightly controlled, air conditioners started to get hounded for using mercury switches for thermostats. Along with the thermostats, ACs have been maligned for the amount of energy that they use. 

While it’s true that air conditioning does have an ecological footprint, AC equipment developers have worked tirelessly to engineer out problems that air conditioners have caused over the years. One of the greatest inventions in the air conditioning industry is that of the smart thermostat. 

Smart thermostats are digital devices that have very little environmental impact. They are also designed to give the user better control over their home’s environment so they can reduce energy usage and still stay comfortable. This summer, consider upgrading old thermostats and do yourself and the environment a favor. Here are the best models according to local HVAC technicians. 

Honeywell Home T5+ Special Featuresthermostat

The Honeywell Home T5+ thermostat represents a revolution in how homes are climate controlled. This thermostat is WiFi-enabled, allowing it to access multiple features to make the homeowner’s life easier and more comfortable while also reducing energy usage. The touchscreen thermostat can be manually controlled or controlled remotely with an app. 

The best feature of this thermostat is the geofencing technology. Geofencing uses information about the location from the household’s smartphone users. Once a home occupants get close to home, the air conditioner will kick on to regulate the temperature inside. This unit retails for $150. 


Get Convenience With the Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

This award-winning thermostat represents the latest in voice-control technology. It integrates seamlessly with existing smart home technology to give the user easy interaction. Automatic occupancy sensors determine when people are home or not and adjust the temperature accordingly. Extra sensors can be integrated into the system to keep hot and cold spots at bay. 

The ecoBee SmartThermostat is easy to install and retails for $250. The cost of installation can quickly be recouped in energy savings and convenience. 

Optimize Savings with Google Nest Learning Thermostat

For the easiest integration with smart technology, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat is the best choice. Using the latest algorithms, the Nest learns people’s movement patterns in and out of the house and automatically adjusts the temperature. Schedules can also be put in with an easy-to-use app. 

The Nest is the best choice for those looking for energy savings. Not only does it automatically adjust to schedules, but it also tracks energy usage and sends a report every month. This allows users to better understand when their air conditioning is operating and take action to reduce waste. 

This unit retails for $250 and is fairly easy to install. By tracking monthly usage, homeowners can quickly see the savings start rolling in. 

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