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It's a New Year, Which Means It's Time for New HVAC!

A New HVAC Unit Might Be on the List To-Do This Year

All the added indoor time in 2020 may have made many homeowners more aware of their home’s functionality, including their HVAC system. It’s only right that one begins to notice symptoms that it’s time for an HVAC replacement after months of nothing else to distract the world. Before homeowners can replace their HVAC system, there are a few things they must be aware of first. There are signs that every HVAC system presents before it’s time for a replacement. It is crucial that homeowners know these signs to protect their homes. Continue reading to learn more!

How To Know It’s Time for a Replacement


Homeowners, in today’s world, rely on their HVAC system a lot. It is more common to see a home with an HVAC system than to see one without. That said, there are vital signs that every homeowner should be aware of that point to a failing HVAC system. 

Some of these signs include: 

  • The homeowner spends more and more on repairs every year
  • The energy bill continues to increase
  • The system runs constantly 
  • The system is getting old
  • The home isn’t heated or cold unevenly 

Sometimes these signs aren’t the easiest to spot. That is why regular maintenance is such a great habit to form as a homeowner because it ensures that the system is looked at by a professional relatively often, which decreases the number of surprise emergencies that the homeowner experiences. 

Double-Check the Size Before Buying!

This might seem a little silly, but the last thing anyone wants to do is purchase the wrong HVAC system for their needs. Choosing an appropriately sized unit from the home in question can be tricky, though, as there are a few factors to consider. Seeking counsel from an experienced HVAC technician can help homeowners avoid the "Goldylocks" trap of buying a unit that is either too big or too small for their home.

If the HVAC unit is too small, it will not be able to adequately heat or cool the entire home. This will cause it to work harder in an attempt to regulate the temperature, using up more energy, and costing the homeowner more money. If the unit is larger than necessary, it will short cycle, turning on and then off right away. This, again, causes energy bills to skyrocket, and can also prevent the HVAC system from performing other important functions like conditioning the air in the home.

Always Have It Maintained After Installation

Regular maintenance is so crucial for many features within the modern home. That said, the best time to start this schedule of routine maintenance is immediately after installation. That first maintenance appointment is likely to set a precedent for that unit’s entire life. 

hvac technician

Not only that, but it puts the homeowner in the habit of having maintenance done from the very beginning. Regular maintenance has many benefits, including a more efficient HVAC system, fewer breakdowns and repairs, consistent energy bills, and much more. 

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