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What is The Best Home Heating Temperature For The Winter?


We love winter. It's that time of year when the colors come out to show off vibrant hues of reds, blues, and amber in every landscape. But when the temperatures drop and it's time to turn on the heat, are we setting it to the "right" temperature? Setting the right indoor temperature is a balancing act between comfort and energy efficiency.

Body temperatures vary from one person to the next. If you live with someone who loves to sleep in freezing-like temperatures or someone who likes to feel warm at night, you can set your thermostat accordingly. Thermostat settings for both winter and summer should be modified whether you are at home or away.

What is The Right Temperature Anyway?

temperatureSet the temperature to 72° F when you are home during the day. If you are not home, or if you're asleep at night, set the temperature anywhere from 66° F to 62° F.

In the summer, it is recommended to set your home's cooling system to 78° F when occupants are inside the house. Some experts recommend raising the thermostat setting, so it only comes on if the temperature exceeds 88° F.

One good way to save energy and reduce energy costs is by keeping the thermostat at a steady 68° F during the day. Doing this will significantly reduce your energy usage by 5 to 15 percent per year.

All Thermostats Are Not Created Equal

thermostatToday's smart thermostats will have an enormous impact on your comfort level when you are at home as well as on your energy bill.

They can also be programmed to a fixed schedule to heat and cool your home. These devices are app-enabled, which makes it possible to adjust your thermostat from any location.

Some thermostats use sensors to determine when you are home or away, and they'll change the temperature for you. Others rely on a GPS -- once you are a certain distance away from your home, the thermostat will switch to away mode and then back to the home mode when you return.

Keeping it Affordable

billsIf you live in an area that is cold most of the year, your energy bill is probably expensive. Setting the temperature to 78° when you are home in the summer and to 68° in winter can save you a lot of money.

A programmable thermostat is ideal for regulating the temperature inside the home even when you are not there. Do you love the change of the seasons?

Winter can be an exceptionally beautiful time of year, particularly in the Northeastern states. You see vibrant colors everywhere. You can enjoy the season and stay warm and cozy this winter by setting the thermostat to the recommended temperatures whether you are indoors or out.

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