The R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

You May Be Affected If you have an HVAC unit that was built before the year 2010, then it is highly likely that it uses R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon, to cool your home. By the year 2020, this commonly used refrigerant will be completely banned by the Environmental Protection Agency. Rupcoe has [...]

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Water Heater Tips

How To Tell When Your Water Heater Is On Its Last Leg It’s a normal morning for you. You’re rushed to get out of the door and into work on time. Maybe all of the family needs to shower before their busy days, but today there is an unfortunate surprise. Your hot [...]

10 Benefits of a Water Softener

Why Is A Water Softener Such A Great Investment? If you’re living with hard water, the signs are apparent. You might notice nothing ever seems to get really clean, from your showering experience to laundry to washing dishes. Soap won’t lather enough and your laundry might seem...crunchy, even when using fabric softener. [...]

Furnace Problems

6 Common Furnace Problems You Might Encounter This Season As your furnace pumps out heat day after day, it is prone to running into issues, especially if it hasn’t been maintained recently. You might be noticing some odd signs. The consequences of ignoring them can vary from an having a larger repair [...]

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3+ Signs Your Sewer Pipe Needs Repair

Thankfully, most of the time we are able to ignore our sewer pipes and reap the benefits of indoor plumbing. But when they cause problems, it is important to address them before it snowballs. When this happens, homeowners are often left overwhelmed by what to do and what part of the sewer system is [...]

Furnace Tune-Up

Fall Is Finally Here & It’s The Perfect Time For Heating Maintenance! Did you know September is National Furnace Tune-Up Month? In addition, September 25th is National Furnace Tune-Up Day. If you didn’t know, that’s okay. September is the national observance month for many things, including childhood obesity awareness, disaster preparedness, fall hats, and [...]

Pet Dander & Indoor Air Quality

5 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Pet-Friendly Home As many people know, owning  a pet is one of the most rewarding relationships you can have. Even when they drive you crazy because they won’t let you sleep in on your days off, they keep knocking things off the coffee [...]

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Avoiding Garbage Disposal Repair

Check It Before You Chuck It! What Summer Foods Not To Put In The Garbage Disposal Summer is here, and with it comes delicious summer produce perfect for backyard barbecues and picnics at the park. When you head over to the Green Olive Market or Green Farmer’s Market to find seasonal fruits and [...]

Beat the Heat

10 Tips to Optimize Your AC & Stay Cool This Summer Ah, summer. Over 40% of New Jerseyites call summer their favorite season, and for good reason. It’s a glorious time of camping and cookouts, lazy days and lounging in the sun. However, it’s also a season of glorious heat and humidity. Some days your [...]

What to Look For When Choosing a Home Contractor

Four Signs You've Found a Reliable Contractor If your Central New Jersey home needs plumbing or HVAC work, one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure a job well done comes down to who you hire. You don’t want to become a home improvement horror story, after all! [...]

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Plainfield Area Humane Society Charity Work

Rupcoe Donates New Sink to Plainfield Area Humane Society! Contributing to our local community is something that has always been a priority to us here at Rupcoe Plumbing & Heating. We are involved in numerous fundraisers throughout the year and are listed as a pro-bono contractor for a [...]

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The Importance of Regular Plumbing System Maintenance

Why You Should Consider Regular Plumbing Maintenance for Your New Jersey Home Think of all the things you want to improve in your NJ home. Does it include something glamorous, like new granite counters, hardwood flooring, or new-fangled lighting fixtures? Your plumbing system is probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when [...]

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Low Humidity & Your HVAC System

The Dangers Dry Air We all know dry air is uncomfortable. But did you know you are risking your health by being exposed to it? Viruses like the common cold and flu thrive in dry weather. Low temperatures aren’t the only thing they favor. In dry air, there are very tiny moisture beads [...]

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Energy Star Federal Tax Credit Guidance

Federal Tax Credits on Home Improvements & HVAC Systems in Central, NJ At Rupcoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we treat each customer like a member of our family. When it comes to investing in a new HVAC system or water heater, we want our customers to benefit from an expert installation as well as the [...]

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Rupcoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Announce New Website Launch

New Website Welcomes Customers, New & Old, to Rupcoe Plumbing! After serving the South Plainfield, NJ area for over 31 years, why did owners Jim Coyle and Thomas Ruperto decide that it was time to rebuild their site? Coyle explains, “Since we started our business back in 1985, it has always been our [...]

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Is it time to cool our homes with the sun?

According to scientists, every summer that is passing by is getting hotter. Electricity bills are also rising each year as homeowners and businesses have to work their air conditioning units harder to combat the oppressive heat. So, why don’t more people take advantage of the extra sunshine to generate electricity that can be used [...]

How water burns like fire

A new campaign has been started in the UK that aims to highlight the problem of hot water scalding. The campaign ‘How water burns like fire’ has been launched in partnership with the Children’s Burns Trust in London, but its relevance extends all over the world. Scalding changes lives forever. Every year, thousands of [...]

New water auditor certification

The Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) has launched a new certification scheme to raise quality and expertise in the plumbing and heating industry. The newly developed water auditor program for plumbing contractors has been designed to improve the effectiveness of investigations and diagnostics. Poorly diagnosed plumbing problems result in wasted time and increased costs, [...]

Rupcoe – How to prevent plumbing emergencies

We often take a constant, reliable source of water for granted but is important to remember that clean and hygienic plumbing lines are vital to our everyday lives. Kitchen and bathroom plumbing emergencies can affect every person in your household so it is important that you take preventative measures to reduce the chances of a [...]

Rupcoe – How to prevent blocked drains

Toilet, sinks, baths and showers are all essential facilities in a modern home so it is important that you know what to do when something goes wrong. Unblocking drains in your living spaces can be a simple task with the right advice, while a few handy tips can ensure they remain in the best condition [...]

Popular plumbing myths debunked

If you are like most homeowners you will be keen to save money on plumbing maintenance, perhaps by carrying out some basic plumbing tasks yourself. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to plumbing. Friends and family pass on many so-called tips without ever checking that they are safe [...]

Copper thefts on the rise all over America

Rising global copper prices has led to a growing black market in copper. Many homes and businesses are discovering that their copper pipes, which are still the most popular way to install plumbing, have been stripped out. Recent copper thefts In the last week we have seen reports of copper thefts from many locations in [...]

Common home plumbing mistakes

Every year homeowners decide to have a go at fixing their plumbing; the rising trend in DIY is fueled by TV shows and YouTube videos where presenters will make plumbing tasks look easy to accomplish. In addition to poor quality DIY, many people tend to get into bad habits, which result in problems. All too [...]

Warning over oil thefts

This week, two men were accused of stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of heating oil from homes in Franklin, Sussex County. As the winter conditions worsen, oil thefts are on the increase. Some people steal oil to sell on for a profit while others take it for their own personal use. Homeowners are warned to [...]

Summer is heating up – aircon in the news

It is a sure sign that the summer is heating up when the news is full of stories about air conditioning. In the last week we have seen stories about air conditioning thefts, arguments triggered by aircon, or the lack of, and even a story about a neighbor being killed over an air conditioning dispute. [...]

Winter checks: water edition

The biggest hazard to your plumbing during any winter is the water itself. There are several different things that you should look out for so your pipes don’t freeze to their breaking point and your heating doesn’t suffer. Pipes and faucets To avoid problems with leaky or otherwise faulty pipes, it’s best to check them [...]

Winter checks: furnace edition

As we head towards winter, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a well-functioning furnace. Before it’s too late, here are a few suggestions to avoid problems, and a few tips for when problems can’t be avoided. Maintenance In order to avoid your furnace breaking down in the dead of winter, it’s important to check the [...]

Are infrared heating systems the future?

This week ACHR News reported that sales in infrared heating systems are increasing as more people look to alternative ways to heat their homes and businesses. Infrared heating has been used in commercial and industrial applications for several decades to help keep people warm in large offices and open spaces, such as warehouses, garages, and [...]

Unusual ways to stay warm for less

hands holding mug of hot drink close-up This year we have discussed some different ways to heat your home, such as using geothermal energy or infrared heating, but there are many other ways you can make your home warmer, some of which are very innovative. So, let’s look at some ways that can [...]

New Jersey says that new US power plant rules are “impossible to implement”

Last week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie requested that President Barack Obama’s administration withdraw its proposals to cut carbon dioxide emissions from American power plants. This is seen as another major blow for New Jersey energy and could result in significant price rises at a time when homeowners are under great strain. Christie’s administration said [...]

Time to test your home heating system

Regulator of the gas boiler for hot water and heating. Yes, it is still summer and temperatures are forecast to hit the eighties throughout September, but it is never too soon to test your boiler and furnace. The same thing happens across the Northeast each and every autumn and winter. The temperature suddenly [...]

Heating System For Winter

Discover The 3 Things You Must Do To Insure That Your Heating System Is Ready To Go This Winter How to Ensure Your Heating System is Working Properly: First and foremost, check your breakers. Many times either the heating or cooling system gets overloaded and trips the breaker. It seems like a very simple thing [...]

Do we need carbon fuels to heat our homes?

hand turning on digital climate control In recent years we have started to see a shift from expensive oil powered furnaces and boilers to cheaper and more efficient gas-powered heating systems. News from Scotland last week, however, raises an important question – do we really need either? For most homeowners, heating is one [...]

Should you keep the heating on all the time?

White four rung radiatior, Central heating With winter fast approaching it is time to fire up the central heating and test that all your radiators are heating up properly. Giving the central heating a test before the weather turns very cold gives you time to resolve any issues with your heating that may [...]

Demand for heating oil causes US crude price rise

The continued cold weather in North America has resulted in a dramatic rise in crude oil prices. On Wednesday 19 February crude oil rose following yet another bout of freezing weather. Oil traders are concerned that supplies may start to struggle to meet the growing demand especially due to political tensions in Africa and Venezuela. [...]