South Plainfield Laundry Room Remodeling

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A modern laundry room is no longer a dark and drab living space but a vibrant and organized command center for you and your family. Whether you want to redo a small space next to your kitchen or are planning a complete makeover in a basement or other large room, RupCoe can provide expert advice to help. Energy saving machines, attractive and practical flooring, labor-saving layouts and fire and flood prevention are factors that you need to consider during the planning stage. Take time to get it right and always seek expert assistance from a qualified technician.

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Upper or Lower Floor?

You will need to decide where you want to build your new laundry room. Many homeowners opt to put it on the first floor so it can share plumbing lines with the kitchen while being in close proximity to other housekeeping duties. Laundry rooms located on the upper floor can make use of existing plumbing lines linked to the bathroom but you may have to install additional insulation to prevent excessive noise and vibration. Wherever you opt to build your laundry room, you will need to install adequate ventilation and vented doors if you are aiming to hide washing machines and tumble dryers in cabinets. Leaving enough space to allow hot air to dissipate is important so try not to cram everything into a tight corner.

The trained technicians at RupCoe can make sure that your built-in storage and machines all have comfortable clearances. This means that the layout is both practical and safe to use. We can ensure that your stairwells and doorways are not blocked, plumbing lines are okay and that all of your appliances have enough space so your room looks great and works well for you on a daily basis.

Flood and Fire Prevention

Washers and dryers contribute to the many floods and fires in homes across the United States every year. However, by following a few simple steps it is easy to avert a disaster and save yourself money in the long term. Firstly, make sure you always use braided steel washer hoses as these are much more durable than rubber and won’t split open under stress. You should also ensure that your dryer vent is made out of metal and sealed with foil tape as a plastic flex hose is a fire hazard. A water box placed in a recess will make it easy for you to access valves while ensuring hoses are not damaged due to being squashed under the weight of the machine. Other useful safety additions include an automatic shut off valve for your washer and a washer drain pan to collect water if you decided to build your laundry space on main living levels.


Ventilation is obviously important in hot, cramped spaces so be sure to install a metal vent-pipe that runs outside. Try to ensure that this pipe has only a couple of bends and travels a short distance to maximize its effectiveness. A self-closing exhaust vent can also prevent humid air from coming into your home during the day while a ceiling vent can reduce moisture if you decide to multi-task your laundry space with a shower.

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Gas or Electric?

The connections in your home will dictate whether you should buy an electric or gas dryer but you should opt for the latter if you have a choice. Gas dryers are more expensive but you will save money in the long term due to lower operating costs, with the average load only setting you back between 30 to 40 cents. You could save up to $60 annually by opting for gas.

Floor and Sink

Unlike in other living spaces, you should always prioritize durability over aesthetics when it comes to your laundry room floor. All sorts of chemicals and other dirty items will come into contact with it so we suggest using cork, vinyl or glued-down linoleum as a hardworking and affordable surface. Don’t worry though, it is still easy to inject color into your space with these materials, but they can be easily cleaned and won’t lead to dirty grout lines. Practicality is also important for your utility sink so install a 12-inch tub made out of stainless steel and pair it with a pullout spray or curved faucet so it can handle any task such as washing delicates and filling your watering cans.

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