South Plainfield Slab Leak Repair

Complete slab leak detection and repair services in South Plainfield.

Slab leaks are difficult to detect, and homeowners often don’t realize they exist until an extensive amount of damage has already been done. They can remain hidden deep within a home’s structure without any symptoms being sighted until long after they begin. Due to these facts, they tend to be more dangerous than other kinds of water leaks.

Since they’re so hard to notice for long periods of time, slab leaks can result in the widespread destruction of a home’s foundation. Good thing for homeowners in South Plainfield, NJ the technicians at RupCoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have the skills and training and needed to conduct slab leak detection and slab leak repair services.

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Why Are Slab Leaks Hard to Detect?

Slab leaks are water leaks located beneath the concrete floor of a home’s foundation. These pieces of concrete are commonly known as slabs, which is where the name of this type of leak comes from. These leaks originate from underneath slabs, which is why they’re difficult to detect until the damage spreads outward. It can take a long time for symptoms to manifest and slab leaks to be discovered.

Do You Need Slab Leak Repair Service?

It may take a while for slab leaks to become apparent, but there are several clues to keep an eye out for which may indicate one exists in your home. Look out for these signs when inspecting your home and call in a professional if you spot any of them:

  • Mold and mildew growth in your basement
  • Soggy earth surrounding your property
  • Damp carpet or warped baseboards in your basement
  • Significant, unexplained increases in your water bill

Signs of increased moisture in your basement are a huge red flag. Basements are supposed to be dry, but if you find any of the symptoms listed above you could be dealing with a slab leak. At this point, you should pick up the phone and call a professional plumber to investigate your home.

Home Damage Caused by Slab Leaks

It isn’t easy to predict the damage done by a slab leak without a thorough inspection of a home, but the threat it represents is clear. Slab leaks could be a source of mold, rotting wood and damage to electrical wiring. The longer a leak goes unnoticed, the more harm it can do.

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Slab leaks can be devastating to a home if they’re not detected early. Good thing our technicians offer slab leak detection and slab leak repair services to homeowners across the South Plainfield, NJ area. Call us at (908) 226-1616 if you suspect a problem.