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Tips to Fix Your Central Heating & Air Conditioning System

How to Fix Your Central HVAC

Wouldn’t you love some professional fix-it tips when you experience problems with your HVAC unit? Of course, you would! That’s what you’ll be getting in this article, today. There are a variety of small issues that can be inspected by homeowners before calling in for maintenance repair professionals. No mechanical issues are ever fun to deal with, but sometimes you can save yourself some money by looking into them beforehand.

Always Melt Ice on Condensate Drain Line

ice meltingRegularly checking your HVAC unit can tell you a lot of things about its state. Is it dry or is there condensation around the base? Is the runoff line working correctly? Is it making any unusual noises? If you see anything to give you cause for concern, those areas need to be addressed.

One area, in particular, that should be regularly inspected during is the condensate drain line. The drain line collects condensed water and moves it away from the system. When there is a leak in the line, or in any other part of the machine, water can gather and freeze.

Your unit should never have frozen water on any part and if you notice ice, it’s important to melt the ice off and clean it up. Be sure to identify the leak so an HVAC professional can fix it when they perform maintenance on your unit.

Frequently Clean Outdoor Units

The condenser for your HVAC unit is outside, out of the way, and often gets forgotten. But it’s an important part of the whole system and it needs regular maintenance. Because it’s outside, dirt, grass clippings, leaves, and twigs can get into the unit and clog it.

When this happens, the condenser isn’t able to run as efficiently. When the unit is caked with dirt or debris, it’s similar to wrapping up in a blanket on a hot day and expecting to cool off in front of a fan.

cleaning hvac

Routinely inspect and clean your condenser to ensure it stays free of dirt, grass clippings, and other debris. If you notice buildup, turn the power off to the system. Remove all large pieces of debris and then hose down your machine to remove dust, dirt, and caked-on mud. By keeping the outside unit clean and clear of debris, it will function properly and put less strain on the system.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Maintenance

schedulingIt’s always a good idea to schedule regular technical maintenance to keep your system working at optimal capacity. Prevention is far better than waiting until your unit breaks down. Call HVAC professionals at the start of the summer season, before you begin using your system, so it can be checked.

Call them again at the beginning of winter before you start using the heater. By regularly maintaining your system, you’ll be able to avoid costly repair work later. Keep it running well all year long to avoid breakdowns, system failures, and inefficient power use.

Trusted, Reliable HVAC Technicians

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