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What Is a Ductless Mini Split?


A Ductless Mini Split Solves HVAC Problems

Not having air conditioning in a room or space can be very uncomfortable. During the heat of the summers, there is nothing better than beating the heat with cold air conditioning. Air conditioning also provides the benefits of keeping air dry and clean, which can be a necessity for allergy sufferers. 

In homes not outfitted for ductwork, there is often still a need for an AC unit. Small apartments or antique buildings with smaller rooms and thick walls can be a challenge to keep comfortable, which is where a ductless mini split AC system can help. In this article, experts offer helpful insight into these units and how they can work for your home.


Installing a Ductless Mini Split

ductless mini split installation

A ductless mini split works off the same principles as a conventional central AC system. Refrigerant is compressed in an outdoor unit then pumped into an evaporator coil inside the home where indoor air is cooled. In a ductless mini split, the blower unit is mounted directly on the wall in the room to be cooled. Fans pull warm air through the blower unit and cool it across an evaporator coil just like in a conventional unit. So, instead of having several duct registers in a room, it will have wall mounted cooling units.

Several wall mounted units can be run off of the same compressor that sits outdoors. This means that multiple rooms can be individually controlled based on occupancy or demand by just one unit. Since no ducts exist, installation involves mounting the wall units and cutting a couple small holes in the walls for refrigerant lines to pass through.

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioners



Ductless air conditioners are a perfect choice for smaller homes, apartments, and older buildings. They are ideal for renovated outbuildings that become offices and garages that don’t have an air conditioning unit.

Building owners might want a ductless A/C unit if they are repairing or renovating, or if the building doesn’t have room for ductwork.

Ductless A/C units are much cheaper than a full A/C unit, and they have fewer parts that will break. You can install them in hot spots or certain rooms rather than cooling an entire building.

They filter the air better than a traditional A/C unit, and they are significantly quieter than their larger counterparts.

They also leak less and cool more per watt of energy used.

AC Maintenance Made Easier


Maintaining a ductless mini split is a lot like maintaining a central AC unit. Keeping filters clean is the most crucial step. Much like central air conditioning systems, the filters can be cleaned by homeowners. To get the most out of your unit long-term, it will be helpful to find a reputable contractor to help with the technical steps of maintenance.

Most HVAC contractors have some sort of membership program where they perform maintenance on your central AC or ductless mini splits semi-annually.  This keeps your units clean, breakdown-free and performing at peak efficiency.

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