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Baseboard heating works in similar ways to radiant heating. Devices are set up against a baseboard and comfort is provided by the rising heat from these units. There’s no ductwork involved which means they can be installed anywhere. It’s a common method of delivering heat to families and keeping them warm all winter season.

The experts at RupCoe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offer homeowners in the South Plainfield, NJ area baseboard heating repair and baseboard heating installation services. Enjoy the heating power, energy savings and versatility that comes with this system.

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Baseboard Heating Explained

Baseboard heaters can be installed close to the floor in any room of your home. Since heat naturally rises, it only takes one small unit to fill a room with warmth. There are two different types of baseboard heating systems:

Electric Baseboard Heaters

These devices run entirely on electricity, which can save on utility costs. On the downside, they can take some time to warm up.

Hot-Water Baseboard Heaters

This involves hot water delivered from a boiler via radiation and convection. Since the heat comes from a boiler, which delivers water that’s already warm, you feel the heat instantly once the water is pumped into the radiator.

Benefits of Baseboard Heating

There are a number of advantages to using baseboard heating rather than traditional devices. You can install units in any room, meaning you control which parts of your home get heating and which ones don’t. Each one comes with environmental controls, so you get to decide how much heating you want. By deciding which areas get heating and how much, you can cut down on utility charges. These devices also run silently so you get peace and quiet.

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