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3 Reasons to Be Thankful for HVAC Technicians

Heating and Cooling Services to Be Thankful For

Air conditioning and heating are essential to the comfort and safety of modern homes. Temperature-controlled climates protect families from freezing in the winter and heat stroke in the summer. It is easy to take the modern luxury of HVAC systems for granted, so this year, for Thanksgiving, give thanks to the contributions of heating and cooling companies. 

Who do homeowners call when the air conditioner goes out, or the heating suddenly shuts off? A trusted local HVAC company. Heating and cooling companies provide valuable services to their community. Being an HVAC technician is not easy. It requires many hours of study in the classroom and practice in the field as an apprentice. 

Heater Repair in the Winter

winterStaying warm in the winter is all thanks to the invention of modern heating systems. Heating technicians undergo extensive training to safely install, repair, and maintain heating systems. Heating technicians are often available for emergency services even during snow storms, facing dangerous conditions to protect their community from freezing.

This winter, homeowners should be sure that they have a trusted local HVAC company a phone call away in case of an emergency. HVAC companies can get busy as the temperature drops, so they recommend scheduling heating maintenance in the fall to prevent a system failure when the temperatures drop.  

Air Conditioner Repair in the Summer

summerChildren and the elderly are especially susceptible to heat stroke and adverse health effects from not having a working AC during the summer. A lack of AC can irritate respiratory illnesses such as asthma as well. It can be unbearably stuffy inside during the summer without air conditioning to provide cooling and ventilation. However, HVAC technicians are here to help when an AC breaks down during the summer. 

Heating and cooling companies save lives by preventing heat stroke during hot summer months. It can be dangerous to attempt DIY air conditioner repair because of the complicated inner workings of the machine. A sparking wire or malfunctioning fan inside the AC could cause an electrical fire if the system is improperly serviced. Thankfully, HVAC technicians have to be highly trained to receive their licenses. 

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services

Other services that HVAC technicians provide to be thankful for are indoor air quality services. The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential for promoting healthy respiration and protecting homeowners from indoor air pollution. Airborne particles of germs, dust, and mold are hazardous to human health. The HVAC system helps filter out airborne contaminants. 

Homeowners can contact a local HVAC company for personalized advice on optimizing their home’s indoor air quality. Changing the air filter more often is one way to keep the air cleaner. Still, an HVAC technician can help homeowners explore more solutions for improving indoor air quality, ranging from dehumidifiers to UV air sanitizers. 

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