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Either There's a Ghost in the Water Heater, or It's Time for Repairs!

Beware: The Water Heater Maybe Haunted...by a State of Disrepair

Sure, some sort of paranormal entity could be responsible for those strange banging, clanging, popping, hissing, and screeching sounds. However, the possibility that it’s time for some serious water heater repair is far more likely. While a natural reaction to hearing disconcerting sounds in your home may be to flee the scene as fast as possible, a more sensible approach would be to contact a plumbing expert to have them evaluate the water heater and perform whatever repairs are necessary.

Pop Goes the Water Heater

Popping is a common sound that emanates from hot water heaters in need of repair. Typically, the popping is caused by the buildup of minerals or sediment inside the tank. This is particularly common in homes with hard water. The minerals accumulate at the bottom of the tank and make a popping noise when the heated water begins to boil, causing the sediment to react.

Popping should not be ignored, as a buildup of sediment can lead to serious problems with the water tank, such as leaks or ruptures. Fortunately, a plumbing expert can easily remedy the situation before it gets out of control with the proper repairs, including flushing out the tank.

Screeching: Just Plain Terrifying

water heater

A screeching, screaming water heater is undoubtedly downright terrifying. Try to remain calm - the water heater is not angry. In most cases, the water flow is probably restricted. In other words, water is being forced through an opening that is too small. This may mean that there is a problem with the inlet control valve not being fully open. 

This prevents proper water flow through the pipes, resulting in the high-pitched screeching sound. Additionally, some homeowners may notice a drop in water pressure, which should happen well before your unit starts making noises. Luckily, a plumbing professional can repair any valve-related issues to correct the rate at which water passes through the pipes, thus eliminating the screeching.

Unexplained Crackling: Nightmare Fuel

Great, now the hot water heater is crackling. What the heck is going on now? If it is a gas-powered water heater, there is probably condensation on the burner. Gas-powered water heaters produce what is known as “condensate,” caused by the moisture carried by the flue gases. After one hour of use, the average residential water heater produces approximately half a gallon of condensate. 

fixing a water heater

While condensate is normal, excessive crackling sounds are not. An overabundance of condensate can create a potentially dangerous situation. Generally, this can mean either a gas leak in the home (of which your carbon monoxide detector should warn you) or an explosion. 

Err on the side of caution, and call a plumbing expert for repairs if the crackling persists. An experienced plumber will be able to troubleshoot many of these problems and ensure your home is noise-free in no time! 

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