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Essentials in a Plumber's Tool Kit and Van

What Tools and Equipment Do Plumbing Contractors Use?

Plumbing contractors need to be prepared for every kind of plumbing issue within a moment’s notice. That’s why in addition to their knowledge and training, plumbers have fully stocked vans or trucks with an array of tools and equipment to help. This blog post will discuss the devices and tools plumbers often use and what they are used for. 

Handheld Tools

toolsPlumbers rely on a variety of hand tools to perform their duties. Wrenches, pliers, and pipe cutters are among the most commonly used items in a plumber's toolkit. Wrenches help to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts and come in many types used by plumbers, including basin wrenches, adjustable wrenches, and pipe wrenches. Pliers can be used to twist wires together and help grab small, hard-to-grip objects. Pipe cutters allow plumbers to cut through both metal and plastic piping easily, an essential for plumbing jobs. 

Other hand tools that plumbers use include screwdrivers and faucet keys. A faucet key is a plumbing tool used to tighten and loosen the screws on hose bibs or outdoor water faucets. The tool is especially useful when the hose bibs are hard to reach and require a good grip for successful tightening. These tools allow the plumber to perform complicated repairs and installations quickly and efficiently, and a complete set of hand tools is essential for any plumber, as they are versatile.

Safety Equipment

Plumbers need to use safety equipment when performing their work to help protect them from potential physical harm or exposure to hazardous materials. Common safety gear used by plumbers include gloves, masks, safety goggles, and sturdy boots. The appropriate safety equipment should be used when performing certain plumbing tasks, as they are essential to preventing injury or illness and help ensure that plumbers stay safe and healthy while on the job.

Gloves are worn to help protect hands from germs and chemicals that may be present in the work environment. Masks can be worn to help protect against harmful airborne particles and fumes. Plumbers should also wear safety goggles in certain situations to protect their eyes from potentially hazardous materials and liquids. Steel toe boots can help provide traction to prevent slipping on wet floors and protect feet from falling objects.  

Specialized Plumbing Tools

toolsSpecialized plumbing tools are important for many aspects of the job, from clearing clogs to pinpointing the source of a problem. A hydro jet is used to clear out buildup and clogs in the pipes, unclogging them. Drain snake and auger machines are also used to manually or mechanically work through clogged drains, breaking up stubborn material and unclogging them. 

On the other hand, video inspection equipment is used to view and assess the condition of pipes from the inside with a camera, allowing for more precise problem-solving. An acoustic listening device is used to detect leaks in a plumbing system that can’t be seen or heard by the human eye or ear. These specialized tools are essential for diagnosing and resolving plumbing issues quickly and accurately.

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