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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget the Coils

Improve An Air Conditioner’s Functionality by Cleaning Coils 

AC coil cleaning should happen at least once a year but can depend on certain circumstances such as pets and how clean the house is. Failing to clean these coils can result in the AC underperforming and increase energy consumption by up to 30%, significantly impacting the electricity bill. 

By making sure that these AC coils are kept clean, homeowners can help increase the adequacy of their AC system, allowing it to work more efficiently to keep their home cool during hot summer days and prevent high electricity bills. 

What Are Evaporator Coils? 

coilsEvaporator coils are an integral part of the cooling system. They work by absorbing any heat lingering inside a home which, in turn, helps to cool things down. It is often located in the furnace, but it can usually be found inside the air handler if it's not there. 

These coils are filled with evaporated refrigerant. In conjunction with the condenser coil, which is located outside, it exchanges heat to produce cooler air. 

Evaporator coils quickly collect dust and dander since the air from inside the home circulates through them. When evaporator coils become too dirty, the AC unit cannot perform as well and won’t be able to keep the house cool or has to work harder to keep the house cool. 

What Are Condenser Coils?coil

Condenser coils, also known as compressor coils, are located outside the home. They are made of copper and hold liquid refrigerant instead of the evaporator coil's evaporated refrigerant. 

Because they are located outside, they are prone to dirt and debris, especially from seasonal storms. When these coils become too dirty, it can cause them to overwork themselves and lead to poor performance and higher usage, so it is recommended that condenser coil cleaning be conducted annually. 

How to Maintain and Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils 

Homeowners who do not take proper care of their coils are likely to have higher electricity bills and problems keeping their homes cool and comfortable. When coil maintenance is ignored, coils can become dirty and will not be efficient in doing their job. 

When it comes to routine maintenance and inspections, a professional should be brought in to make sure everything is in good working order. A professional will know what to look for and be able to spot any problems before they become a bigger issue. Similarly, it is recommended that a professional be hired to perform coil cleaning services because the coil fins, which help transfer heat, are delicate and can become damaged if proper care is not taken while cleaning. 

However, many homeowners choose to clean their coils. The method of evaporator coil cleaning depends on how dirty these coils are. Cleaning them can be achieved by using compressed air to blow away dirt and debris, a brush to sweep away dirt accumulation, commercial cleaners to break down tougher debris, or a DIY detergent and water mixture. If the coils are extremely dirty, they may require stronger chemicals or heavy-duty tools such as a pressure washer. 

The quickest way to carry out compressor coil cleaning is to use a coil brush to sweep away debris, tend to the coil fins with a fin comb if they’re bent, and use a hose to wet the coils down coat them with coil cleaner. The coil cleaner should be left to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it away with the hose. 

Keeping well-maintained and clean coils will help them perform to their fullest ability, which helps decrease energy consumption and lower energy costs. 

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