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The Many Benefits of Eco Showerheads

Adding Eco-Friendly Functions to the Showerhead

Ever open up a bill, glance at the amount due, and think, “How in the world did that number get so big?” Many people have been here before, whether it was for a credit card bill, an electricity bill, or a water bill. The little extras here and there start to add up quickly!

When it comes to saving money on water bills, one of the best things a homeowner can do is install an eco-friendly showerhead. This type of showerhead uses less water, and less water used every month means less money spent.

In this article, homeowners can learn about the many eco-friendly bathroom remodels that are out there. They’ll also learn about the benefits and costs of these products.

Eco-Friendly Products Are Booming

eco friendlyAs more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and organic products are rapidly growing in popularity. Now more than ever is a great time to install an eco-friendly showerhead in the bathroom as well as other products that help to protect the earth.

The average person uses 17.2 gallons of water to take a shower. That’s a lot of water just going down the drain! And if there are multiple people in the house that shower every day, that number just keeps rising and rising. Some people will say to just take shorter showers, but people can only wash and rinse their hair so fast!

Eco-friendly showerheads are a great alternative because they can use 40% less water during every shower. Showers take energy to heat the water too, so when there’s less water being used, there’s less energy being used as well.

When Bathroom Plumbing Calls for Upgrades

Many homeowners will try to take bathroom plumbing into their own hands only to find out that they should’ve called in a professional. There are many intricacies in the plumbing system, and if one little mistake is made, it can lead to other potential damages down the road. The purpose of installing an eco-friendly showerhead is to use less water.

bathroom plumbing

But if the showerhead is installed incorrectly, it could end up leaking and costing even more in wasted water. Therefore, it’s best to have a trained professional handle the job. They’ll be able to install a new showerhead quickly and safely while minimizing potential damages and eliminating the potential for leaks.

The Cost of an Eco-Friendly Showerhead Replacement

eco savingsWhenever there’s a plumbing upgrade to be conducted, homeowners always want to understand the cost first. But when weighing the pros and cons of an eco-friendly showerhead, try not to fixate so much on the financial cost.

Of course, it’s not free to install, but it will save money on water bills and energy bills in the long-run by using less hot water every day.

When most people are debating environmentally-friendly products, the pros extend beyond their own household; it’s all about helping the earth! Adding an eco-friendly showerhead is one small, easy product to buy and use that can give back to the earth.

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